We believe men’s fitted underwear should keep everything you’ve got looking awesome, whilst keeping you comfortable no matter what the state of affairs.

Women asking to see your Stiffies is something you’ll learn to deal with.

We went through 50 prototypes making slight adjustments in the seam positions & materials to make your backside and front side look as jaw dropping as possible.

We even added an optional usage pocket that stops clingage, reduces doubling over if you go big and as a bit of a bonus, it makes your package look mysteriously massive!

Andrew Archer

“If they (Stiffies) weren’t on, it wouldn’t have been on as soon as it was. I just had to see them”
S Sirapoh, Australia

“My son can’t live without them”
D Halliwell, USA

“I took my jeans off & she said, that’s too big. I’ve had compliments but never that good. It’s just the way they make it look”
Steve, England

My husband put them on, looked down & goes “S#*t they make my package look good”
Mrs J Singe, Australia

“Stiffies are the best underwear I have, for sports.”
S Hammand, UAE


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  • The Pocket is designed to fit many shapes and sizes, regardless of waist band dimensions.
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STIFFIES UNDERWEAR (packaging tube included)


SMALL 70 - 80cm / 27 - 31 inch waist
MEDIUM 80 - 90cm / 31 - 35 inch waist
LARGE 90 - 100cm / 35 - 39 inch waist
X-LARGE 100 - 110cm / 39 - 43 inch waist

X Large

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So please review customs procedures in the country to which you are importing Stiffies underwear. The goods you purchase must only be for personal use only and not sold on. We have provided a few links below that might be of assistance in this area.

Stiffies are made in China exported to Australia & the U.K.  and are 92% woven Cotton and 8% Spandex.

Generally in the U.S.A there are only charges if your order exceeds US$200. See the http://www.customs.ustreas.gov for details.

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